Advertising & Analytics

Performance-based advertising comes into play when the business is considering an extension of its marketing channels and only has a certain budget available. The best part is that the costs solely depend on the number of specific “actions" completed, whether clicks on Google ad, fans on a Facebook page or email subscription.

Conduit Digital plans and optimizes CPC (cost per click), CPF (cost-per-fan), CPA (cost-per-action), CPL (cost per lead) campaigns, ensuring maximum focus on the budget and maximum ROI, in every language, industry, and market.

Conversion is an essential metric of any web marketing activity: regardless of the type of a company, website and business model (e-commerce, media agency, brands, SMEs, etc.), everything can be measured in online goals that a site visitor achieves or not: a product sale, article view, filling out a contact form or participation in a promotional campaign.

Conduit Digital has specialized skills and tools to properly measure and analyze conversion paths on the site (the “funnel"). Thus we can identify steps on the website or campaign page that can be optimized and redesigned to achieve maximum conversion rates for each desired action.

Keyword Advertising Campaigns

The easiest way to start getting targeted visitors to your website or product (if your industry allows) are pay-per-click campaigns in search engines (e.g. Google Adwords or Bing Ads). After we have researched the most relevant keywords with commercial intent and allocated the budget, we can launch the campaign immediately and follow it to optimize our costs per click.

Our toolset allows us to expand your keyword ideas to dozens of thousands of keyword variations. We will publish ads in Google’s or Bing’s sponsored results and target the most effective keywords for your website, your company, products or services. We will help you define an adequate budget for each pay per click campaign based on the objectives, timing and target audiences.

Careful daily activity performance optimization will allow us over time to reach the “sweet spot" where you will get the most clicks for the least amounts spent.

What’s included in PPC campaigns management:

  • Definition of the campaign goals
  • Analysis of commercial intent keywords
  • Copywriting of engaging and persuasive ads
  • Landing pages optimization
  • Performance monitoring and continuous optimization of cost per click
  • Submission of periodic reports on the progress of the campaigns

Facebook Advertising Campaigns

We plan and manage high profile and effective advertising campaigns using the  Facebook Ads platform to help clients gain awareness, traffic, fans and leads.

The vast pool of everyday internet users flocks to Facebook, which offers state-of-the-art advertising platform with broad segmentation capabilities which makes Facebook an excellent platform for targeted visitors acquisition. To avoid investments in campaigns without results, one must, however, understand the principles of budget management and audience targeting.

Conduit Digital offers extensive experience in managing campaigns with different budget levels and can handle Facebook Ads for you. We will optimize your ROI daily, while increasing the visibility of your products and services

Social Media Campaigns Include:

  • Campaigns planning, defining objectives and targets
  • Ads targeting, segmenting users who should see them
  • Creatives management (copy and artwork) for higher CTR
  • We can design landing pages and develop engaging content to encourage visits to perform target actions
  • Regularly monitor of ads performance and ROI optimization via cost per click optimization

Mobile Advertising

Lead Generation Campaigns

We can acquire new customers for your business by balancing your budgets against the end goal while maximizing your ROI.

Qualified leads that can be potentially interested in your products and services are acquired via landing pages designed to encourage them to fill out a form with their contact details.

We can capture leads to whitelisted mailing service providers and include them in the mailing campaigns promoting your products and services.

To do this, we will plan advertising campaigns using all the traffic sources we can buy targeted traffic from and use CPA (Cost-Per-Action) or CPL (cost-per-lead, cost per contact) acquisition methods.

This form of performance-based online advertising provides guaranteed results vs pre-agreed investments: the cost will depend on the actual numbers of collected contacts made available to the client.

With lead capture campaigns we can deliver any lead types (e.g. profile data, requests for proposal, registration for service or newsletter).

Based on preliminary tests, we will be able to scale the campaigns as necessary while optimizing for best performing ads, to ensure the best returns on investments.

Lead Generation Campaigns include:

  • Target Analysis & Selection based on demographic and/or keywords
  • Google Adwords and/or Facebook Ads campaign planning
  • Creatives development (image and copy) for the ads
  • Landing/Lead capture pages development
  • Viral Content Development (optional)
  • Performance monitoring and campaigns optimization with A/B testing
  • Regular Leads Data and Reports Delivery to the Client

Conversion rate optimization

While steadily increasing the number of visitors to your website or landing page, we will be looking into actual conversion rates (depending on the target action, it can be email address capture, content viewing, or product sale).

Low conversion rates often depend on inefficiencies in conversion funnel designs. Through the proper configuration of Web Analytics and detailed analysis of the data, we will optimize the entire process of converting users. We will also proceed with ongoing optimization of ad campaigns, ad creatives and overall improvement of user experience on the site. Most often, we can achieve it by reducing the number of steps the visitors have to make to complete target action.

CR optimization includes:

  • Analytics & and active advertising campaign monitoring
  • Ad campaigns optimization by A/B testing
  • Drafting guidelines website or landing pages optimization
  • Results Monitoring