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Custom data is one of the pillars of interactive activities, strategies and tactics adjustments. We monitor iGaming operators and affiliates in 27 countries. The data points we’re looking at are their positions in search, traffic sources and SEO numbers.

If you’re an operator, we can help you focus on the top top affiliates and discuss placements on per url level. As an affiliate you can track your competitors and reverse engineer their progress without wasting time.

Our Markets Monitor clients get monthly executive summaries on winners and losers (operators and affiliates) as well as highlights of observable anomalies that you can either copy or avoid based on the trends directions.

Who this service is for?

  • Business owners: track your own iGaming project activities
  • Investors: see which of the publicly traded brands performs best in search and overall quality traffic acquisition to adjust your portfolio as well as use it as part of due diligence during web properties acquisition
  • CEO: see the trends of your marketing team activities to proactively react on
  • CMO: focus your marketing efforts on the sites that matter
  • Ad Networks: negotiate best ad serving locations with your publishers
  • Affiliate managers: spend more time on building relationships with affiliates that make a difference
  • SEO Firms and Consultants: see which websites perform best in search and get under their hoods to impress your clients
  • Media Buyers: see the best performing urls to get your ads on
  • Viral Site Owners: trending or buying?
  • Startups: impress your investors with smart spending and ROI
  • SaaS providers: see which operators are on the rise and get your products to them before they are too big to care