Private Blog Networks

If you’re wondering what a Private Blog Network is, here’s a good introduction that will help you grasp the idea firmly.

To sum it up PBN’s are a good way to start an SEO campaign while having full control over link juice from your own network.

Also PBN’s are relatively cheaper than bought or editorial links. The former are direct cost, the latter are the cost in less money but more in time.

Why our clients choose us to take care of their PBN networks.

  1. We have great relationships with expired domains suppliers
  2. We automate network updates
  3. We can include your PBN’s in our paid links sales (sometimes we get requests from other SEO agencies to sell them a link or two, your blogs can be in our “roaster")

Either way, PBN’s are a great way to support the initial growth of your affiliate sites if you’re going for a new market or vertical.