SEO & Link Building

Every day, 87% of Internet users start surfing with search engines, 93% consider search engines the most effective tool for finding information about goods and services (Source: Nielsen). Being present in the top positions on Google and other search engines is vital to intercepting the type of customers who are already considering a purchase.

Conduit Digital offers a full range of services to dominate search engines, the most efficient channel for targeted visitors acquisition in short, medium and long terms.

On-site SEO

We can optimize your site to improve your ranking in search engines which will allow you to attract the growing the numbers of quality visitors and potential clients interested in your products.

The presence of your company and your products in search engines (like Google, Bing, Yahoo! ) is critical to achieving your business goals: most users and potential customers will reach your site only after they have found it in search and clicked on your link. The sites that rank the highest get most of the clicks. During our onsite optimization, we will perform a series of technical activities as well as optimize content. After that, your site will be in better shape to get correctly indexed by the search engines and earn positions on keywords relevant to your business.

We will analyze your site’s architecture, ease of navigation, code structure, metadata, server configuration, form and amount of content, etc.

After that, we will provide you with a list of optimization steps, that your developers can implement.

After our suggestions are implemented, we will set up a simple monitoring service for you to see the performance of the optimized website.

Onsite SEO includes:

  • Site analysis on all aspects of SEO (infrastructure, architecture, code, metadata, content)
  • Determining of optimization actions followed by a detailed document with optimization suggestions
  • Sending periodic report on site rankings

SEO-driven Content Strategies

We will produce so-called “core content" that will improve your site’s search engine rankings.

The volume and quality of content on a website are an essential factor to improve your site’s visibility in search. In fact, Google rewards sites with comprehensive, relevant and original content.

After identifying the content needs, we will take care of identifying core topics backed by keyword research and produce original texts, the size of which will depend on defined SEO opportunities and overall competitiveness of the selected topics.

SEO Content Strategies include

  • In-depth Keyword Analysis (on average we deal with 20k+ keywords per topic)
  • SEO Content Copywriting
  • Titles and Metadata writing
  • Publication of the autonomous content (if required)

SEO-driven editorial support

We will provide support for your editorial team at every step of the content production process, from the planning stage (type-quantity-time) to content processing (value format), to ensure the best performance in search engines and gradual increase of targeted traffic acquisition.

We will spend time with you and your sales team to develop a list of commercial and relevant keywords, analyze their search volumes, seasonal relevance, and relative competitiveness levels.

Based on the results, we will develop detailed guidelines and schedules on content release that will be used as a valid tool for internal and external content writers. In particular, the instructions will be outlining the aspects of the format of the texts (style, formatting), links (internal and external), metatags management.

We will also suggest an optimal mix of topics for “evergreen content" so content writers can keep your site regularly updated with relevant articles that will help intercept the so-called “situational" type of search queries.

Editorial Support includes

  • Topics Round Up
  • Keyword Analysis
  • SEO Guidelines for Content Formatting
  • “Evergreen" Content Mix Development

Link Profile Optimization

We will carry out a thorough analysis of your site’s current link popularity, identify any links that can be reclaimed and provide guidelines to harness the power of natural link acquisition.

After a careful analysis of your site’s structure and popularity, we will deliver information regarding the organization of the internal linking.

Where possible and applicable we will reconstruct specific areas of the site to increase the advantage of links already gained in the past, while optimizing your domain authority and redistribution of link juice to existing subdomains.

We will create a list of resources that are worth contacting with regards to free link acquisition, usually your current suppliers, partners, affiliates, and clients. Similarly, we will present advice on new partnership opportunities and/or marketing actions that will allow acquisition of new links.

We will help improve the site’s natural link acquisition potential and provide specifications for the pages’ optimization. Where possible, we will increase the “quote-worthiness" of the existing content to stimulate other webmasters to refer to your site in their articles.

Links Profile Optimization includes

  • Analysis of Link Popularity and Existing Links
  • Removal of Bad Links
  • Reorganization of Site Sections
  • Guidelines on Agreements with Partners
  • Specifications for Natural Link Acquisition

Editorial link building campaigns

We will radically improve the position of your site in search engines via acquiring quality links to gain authority on strategic keywords.

The links are among the main factors taken into consideration by search engines when assessing the quality of a site. Our link building service will allow your site to obtain the right number authority links within the proper time frame, which will demonstrate to the search engines the growing authority of your site.

Starting with the backlink profiles analysis of your competitors, we will agree with you on the right levels of speed and volumes of links acquisition to achieve long-lasting search engine rankings as quickly as possible. The links acquired will be mostly editorial (we won’t be buying links, except in rare cases) and will be placed on sites related to your business field. Conduit Digital internally manages the service in all languages.

Editorial Link Building:

  • Analysis of Your Site’s Backlink Profile
  • Analysis of Competitors Backlink Profiles
  • Identification of Target Sites
  • Link Building Strategy Execution
  • Getting Links for Specific Keywords
  • Periodic Reports Submission

Advanced link building

Beginning with an analysis of the link acquisition rhythm of the leading sites in your market, we will establish a strategic plan of long-term link building, which will allow your site, thanks to the combination with other optimization measures, to become an authority in your industry.

Resources dedicated to the promotion of your website on the most authoritative sources in your field (blogs, websites, forums, social media), will allow your site to quickly become one of the landmarks of the industry to which your it belongs.

Our advanced link building service is essential to the areas where high-quality SEO is the central source of quality traffic acquisition, such as finance, igaming or the travel and tourism industry.

Recovery from search penalties

If your site has lost a significant number of visitors as a result of losing search engine rankings, we can help you regain lost SERP positions, regaining all the traffic and users needed to achieve your business goals.

Google and other search engines can undergo technical changes, sometimes unpredictably (e.g., algorithm changes, such as recent “Panda" and “Penguin"), which can affect the ranking of sites in the search results or even penalize them harshly for too aggressive SEO strategies, poorly programmed or dated code, etc.

A loss of positions can cause immediate and significant impact on business objectives (sales, bookings, visitors, page views …).

This situation is rarely unsolvable, and with the right strategy, you can regain your lost positions and even improve them.

Conduit Digital has the experience and expertise to help you solve the problem by analyzing the suffered loss, diagnosing the type of penalty and possible causes and defining an improvement strategy to recover the lost positions and traffic.

What we will do to help your site recover from search penalties:

  • Analysis of the positioning and decline in traffic using web analytics tools
  • Diagnosis of the problem and type of penalty incurred
  • Identification of recovery strategy
  • Recovery of locations and traffic

Online Reputation Management

We will continuously monitor the search engine results that relate to your brand name, company or your products, and we will work to protect and improve your online reputation.

Over 20 million people turn to search engines for information on products, businesses, and people. Potential customers, investors, journalists, partners, employees, form an opinion based on the results that Google serves them as relevant, but what the see aren’t always in the alignment of the actual reputation you are building.

Our online reputation management service will allow you to oversee the results of you or your business and identify what people are looking for when researching you and your business. ORM also allows quick interventions to resolve possible critical situations.

What do we do:

  • Keywords analysis on of your brand, company names, and products
  • Monitoring of results for identified keywords
  • Development of intervention strategies designed to change the search results
  • Sending periodic reports of rising situations and results of interventions