Turnkey Affiliate Sites Development

iGaming, Finance and other highly competitive regulated industry operators heavily rely on traffic from so called affiliates.

The reason for this, is that affiliates are often more flexible to react to the latest search engine changes and marketing schemes. They can launch dozens of sites over short periods of time, while operators are busy implementing new products, payment gateways and applying for relevant licenses.

But the interesting fact is that a lot of modern operators started as affiliates and more established operators are realizing that they need their own affiliate sites to stay competitive and keep affiliates at bay.

What we do, is build affiliate sites. Why choose us? Simple. We do it super fast.

Here are the basics for affiliate sites development:

We are working in 27 markets, monitoring SEO dynamics and traffic acquisition methods in highly competitive verticals.

We also provide custom market monitors to a few niches.

iGaming Scanner

Here’s what we do when approaching new seo-friendly sites/directories:

1. Define a list of keywords you wish to rank for

2. Extent the list using our proprietary tools and define the ones that are closest to your target or highly commercial in nature. See example result of a keyword research – all unique variations.

3. scan google using local IP to see the performance of competition as well as potential clients/partners

3. Take top sites/urls that already rank for the keywords you wish to rank for

4. Review their content structure. See simple example here.

5. Review their backlinks (all of them)

6. Develop the content strategy (rewrites of ranking articles using multiple sources)

7. Propose link building strategy based on competition performance for both domain and url levels

*7. Google Adwords should also be applied considering your vertical’s friendliness to advertising guidelines

If something can be automated, there’s no reason for humans to do it. As pinnacle of creation (or evolution) we must focus on building meaningful relationships with other humans while robots take care of the nitty-gritty.

We also stick to the idea that there’s no point to invest into complicated monetization strategies and business models before an idea has made a single dollar. Therefore our Affiliate Sites Development is best for those who either have good domains laying around or they would want to try new markets or new verticals.

The usual client’s profile of this type of service are e.g. casino affiliates who want to try bingo, or forex affiliates who want to try binary options.

Fantasy Sports and eSports affiliate site orders are also on the rise.

If you need a website by next week, contact us and we’ll get you up and running in no time.

A free bonus that comes with our affiliate sites is the direct connection to your social media channels. Once you publish an update, it will automatically get pushed to all your social pages or profiles.