Viral Sites

Most of our clients are running businesses in highly competitive markets. Some of them can’t advertise using regular Adwords and Facebook targeting platforms. This is where our “creative" set of services comes into play.

Presenting Viral Site Package

If you don’t rely on SEO with your sites and willing to try out arbitrage and native advertising options, or simply need to add extra trust to your sales pages, this service is exactly for your.

We will scrape any “donor" site for content and repost it to your domain. If the order is big, we will analyze the site/sites for quality of content (by the number of shares) and make sure you get only the juiciest and share-worthy posts.

Do you need 500 page, 5000 page site? It doesn’t matter how big it will be, we can set it up for you in a matter of 2 days.

Sample projects:

Sample 1 (viral lists)
Sample 2 (niche)
Sample 3 (viral topics)
Sample 4 (viral mix)
Sample 5 (women’s mag)

Here’s what some of our clients say about this service when asked to share their experiences :

Ya for sure, kind of reluctant to tell those guys how good you are though…

Ive to say, Sergei is serious and honest about his work. Such a great and friendly guy too. I did my first project of creating a site, and we discussed on the project in detail, and I think it has transformed my approach to the stuff everyone has always been saying here – to outsource your work. 900 posts scraped from a website and 300 posts set to be published to make it look regularly updated . Highly recommend Sergei to anyone.

Sergein built me a site. Super fast delivery and told me some really useful tips. Recommended

Real Facebook love when your content is truly viral:

We’ve put together a short Q&A which should help you get answers to most of your questions so we save time and focus on quality results:

What’s the best way to monetize these viral sites?

Viral content sites are better online properties than one time offer landers. Here’s why:

  • You build your social following which gives you constant access to relevant traffic free of charge
  • You can set up list building script (with mailchimp, aweber etc.), so you can update your newsletter subscribers with regular CPA offers.
  • You can create money articles that lead to your CPA offers and set up banners leading to these articles or directly to CPA offers anywhere you like on the site – sidebars, in posts, as exit intent popups etc.
It sounds great. Are there any cons to this strategy? Doesn’t seem like 

We have over 10 years background with seo projects and have come up with the idea of “borrowing” somebody else’s content when found out that you can buy traffic in hundreds of places that have more flexible policies towards duplicate content.

It’s always a good idea to start with scraped site, get some audience and following and slowly repopulate it with unique content so that you could join the “big shots” and apply for adsense and such.

Do you need an example from me of a site i like or are they all pretty standard ? 

Yeah. Usually clients come to us with the sites they want to scrape. We can also run viral analysis for them to better understand which articles to promote on fb etc.

We can set up a 1.5k page website within 48 hours, usually these are “list” posts – top 10, top 50 etc., with paginated structure – so in the end you get approx 30000 page site, with as many ad spots per page as you like.

What is viral analysis? 

Did you ever wonder how,, got such huge social following? We know exactly how & and can share this information with you. Viral posts when promoted bring in 50-200% (up to 1000%) more views from Facebook and Twitter compared to regular promoted posts.

Consider this a 100% surefire way to cut down your CPM & CPC costs from paid content suggestion traffic sources: facebook, twitter, oubtrain, taboola etc.…ent-suggestion

Example viral analysis report (xlsx)

Do you just need number of pages and particular niches?

We prefer to work with the sites given to us by clients. Scraping multiple different sites will cost more.

Is this a stand alone product (you build and you’re done) or do you provide updated content?

Both. Our viral package buyers can be broken down into 2 groups

  1. those who don’t care about google
  2. those who do

For both groups we can provide scraped updates or manage a group of writers to create unique content.

The nature of this particular service is is that it’s largely targeted at the first group of clients who know how to buy traffic and ignore SEO guidelines.

The way i understand it…Its a larger advertorial style site with real updated content and loaded with Affiliate offers that covers many niches. 

Or it can be a one niche site stuffed with relevant offers

… allowing it to be broadly advertised to some degree. At least I guess thats is set up.

Correct – they cover many niches and therefore can utilize different traffic sources as well asmonetize on broader scope of product reviews

This seams like a secure way to be able to market on Fb, Google and other strict TOS platforms with out being to concerned of getting slapped or having to cloak etc…? 

Yeah, google, bing – search engine owned services are usually nervous about duplicate contents

Tell me more about your content SEO strategy. What that entails as well as any SEO services?

We have custom built tools that allow us to develop deep and meaningful article structures which rank well in google without additional link building.

How often do you feel you should update the content on a site like this? I assume this is what you reference as follow up scraping.

It can be set up to daily scraping/updates. With SEO, it’s best to update such sites with 3-5 articles daily to make sure search engines get used to the fact that the site is regularly updated and therefore should be visited by search spiders more often.

Excellent service. Go for it.